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You searched Books & Serials - Title: Deepak Kademani and Paul S. Tiwana
Bib Hit Count Scan Term
1   Defend Yan'an
1   Defending human rights in China
1   Deficit irrigation practices / [L.K. Heng, P. Moutonnet and M. Smith]
1   Defining civil and political rights : the jurisprudence of the United Nations Human Rights Committee / Alex Conte, Scott Davidson, Richard Burchill.
1   Defining crimes : essays on the special part of the criminal law / edited by R.A. Duff and Stuart P. Green
1   Defining issues in English language teaching / H.G. Widdowson
1   Definitions and concepts of energy security.
1   Definitions, conversions, and calculations for occupational safety and health professionals / Edward W. Finucane.
1   The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite [electronic resource] / by Rich Bowen.
1   The Definitive Guide to Building Java Robots [electronic resource] / by Scott Preston.

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