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You searched Books & Serials - Title: Biochemistry : the molecular basis of life /
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1   Biodegradable polymers for industrial applications / edited by Ray Smith
1   Biodesign : the process of innovating medical technologies / senior editors, Stefanos Zenios, Josh Makower, Paul Yock ; associate editors, Todd J. Brinton, Uday N. Kumar ; principal writer, Lyn Denend ; specialty editor, Thomas M. Krummel ; web editor, Christine Kurihara
1   Biodiesel : basics and beyond : a comprehensive guide to production and use for the home and farm / William H. Kemp
1   Biodiverisity and agriculture
1   Biodiversity : a biology of numbers and difference / edited by Kevin J. Gaston.
1   Biodiversity and conservation / Michael J. Jeffries
1   Biodiversity and ecosystem function / Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Harold A. Mooney, eds.
1   Biodiversity and environmental biotechnology / editors Padmanabh Dwivedi, S. K. Dwivedi, M.C. Kalita
1   Biodiversity and insect pests : key issues for sustainable management / edited by Geoff M. …[et al.]
1   Biodiversity and landscapes : a paradox of humanity / edited by Ke Chung Kim, Robert D. Weaver.

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